No Monkeypox Case Reported in Indonesia, Health Ministry Says


Oleh Penni Patmawati Rusman, Kamis, 16 Mei 2019 | 09:42 WIB - Redaktur: Penni Patmawati Rusman - 1K

Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesian Health Ministry implored the public not to panic as far as the potential spread of Monkeypox disease in Indonesia is concerned.

Health Ministry’s Director General of Disease Prevention and Control Anung Sugihantono through an official statement on Wednesday (15/5) gave confirmation that there have been no reports of Monkeypox in Indonesia.

"Monkeypox disease is transmitted through contact with human, monkeys, Gambian pouched rats, and squirrels, or consumption of contaminated meat. The main host of this virus is rodents. Transmission between humans is extremely rare," he said.

Anung stated, Monkeypox infection can be prevented. He therefore implored the public to practice personal hygiene, such as washing hands with soap, preventing direct contact with rats or primates and limiting direct exposure to blood or undercooked meat.

Another prevention measure is avoiding physical contact with infected people, contaminated material, or wild animals, as well as avoiding consumption of bush meat.

Monkeypox is a disease caused by virus transmitted through animals (zoonosis). Transmission may occur through contact with blood, body fluids, or lesions on the skin or mucosa of animals infected with the virus.

The Monkeypox cases emergence is a concern for global health. Areas affected by Monkeypox are Central and Western Africa (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gabon and South Sudan). (Reporter: Putri, Translator: Siti Chodijah)