Enlivening WCF 2016, National Gallery of Indonesia Organizes Street Art Exhibition


Oleh Irvina Falah, Senin, 10 Oktober 2016 | 15:06 WIB - Redaktur: Irvina Falah - 1K

Denpasar - To support World Culture Forum 2016, National Gallery of Indonesia takes a part through exhibition program. They are a Street Art with themes “Culture for Open, Tolerant, and Diverse Earth” and “Take a Closer Look to the National Gallery of Indonesia”.

The street art will be conducted on October 9th to 16th, in Bentara Budaya Bali. “ This street art exhibition is an active participation of street art artists with the works about culture for open, tolerant, and diverse earth, in line with the theme of World Culture Forum 2016”, The head of National Gallery of Indonesia, Tubagus ‘Andre’ Sukmana, said.

Street art is a form of visual art which is made in public space. The street art artists have been working on such art long enough in Bali, as a mixture of urban and rural values. It has been developing since 2000. National Gallery of Indonesia invites four mural communities mainly communities in Bali and around it; Jamur community, pojok community, Slinat and Batu Belah community.

Beside mural art, there is also an exhibition with theme “Take a Closer to the National Gallery of Indonesia” on October 10 – 14, in Nusa dua Convention Center, the venue of WCF 2016. Two reproductions of masterpieces paintings of Indonesian exsperts are displayed,  Kapal dilanda Badai (1841) by Raden Saleh and Ibuku (1941) by Affandi. (WCF2016)