Jakarta, InfoPublik – Jakarta city secretary Saefullah stated that the trial of 10 Koperasi Wahana Kalpika (KWK) public minivan routes which will be integrated with Transjakarta is meant to accommodate the interests of KWK drivers, Organization of Land Transportation Owners (Organda) management, government, and the public.

“We expect no problem will occur in the trial which will become a consideration in Governor Decree [Pergub]. It will integrate KWK’s public minivans with Transjakarta buses. We hope that the decree will be able to be implemented for the sake of KWK drivers and the public,” said Saefullah at Jakarta City Hall, Monday (4/10).

He also explained that the one-month trial will involve University of Indonesia (UI) students in order to comply with the academic standards as well.

Furthermore, Jakarta Government expected the operation hours of KWK after being integrated is similar with Transjakarta’s. If KWK operates for four hours in the morning and four hours in the afternoon, there are times wasted just for standing by.

“That’s why we would like KWK to operate at similar hours with Transjakarta, so they really meet the people’s demand. There will be assurance for the people for departing, transiting, and returning,” he said.

This integration will lead to a strong competition between the public with online-based transportations because it will offer comfort and security for the passengers too. (Translator: Erik Limantara)