IPB introduces agricultural techno park


Oleh Baheramsyah, Selasa, 27 September 2016 | 16:15 WIB - Redaktur: Filmon Warouw - 2K

Bogor, InfoPublik - Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) introduced IPB Science Techno Park. It is an innovation development center that is projected to be a science techno park which focuses on the most advanced agricultural food technology and bioscience in Indonesia.

It is an integrated area for the development and commercialization products and services innovations of tropical agriculture, food, and bioscience supported by good facility and infrastructure, as well as regulation. 

“In the future, IPB Science Techno Park is expected to be the most productive and advanced techno park on tropical agriculture, food, and bioscience in Southeast Asia,” said the IPB Science Techno Park director Dr. Meika Syahbana Rusli at IPB Bogor campus, Monday (9/26).

Meika added that to meet that expectation, IPB Science Techno Park will organize some programs such as laboratory facility service provision, pilot plant, commercial research analysis, and product development. It will also organize incubation for science and technology based business startups. 

The other programs will be innovation product commercialization by interfacing innovators and industrial sectors and providing human resource development service and tropical agriculture, food, and bioscience business solutions. 

“IPB Science Techno Park will take a role in facilitating the value-added creativity and innovation growth of the main stakeholder which comprises both academic and business groups,” said Meika.

Meanwhile, the techno park is projected to give economic value in the form of product value-added improvement and job creation; social advantages in the form of edutainment fair for the community; and the environment in the form of extending green space and creating good atmosphere. 

“It is a place for continuing research so the innovation results could be implemented as marketable products in the marketplace. Hundreds of IPB research results and innovations can be found at IPB Science Techno Park,” she said.

The park is built at the area of 3,46 hectares of IPB’s former Veterinary Faculty Campus at Taman Kencana Bogor. The first stage of the development will be finished in 2019. 

In order to introduce marketable innovation products, IPB Science Techno Park will organize Open House and Innovation Expo at Taman Kencana Bogor on September 27—28, 2016.

“In this event, we will invite industry and private sector to show business opportunity of the products developed by IPB. Furthermore, the open house is also open for any parties who are willing to know IPB’s innovation products and co-develop them,” she concluded. (Translator: Erik Limantara)