Indonesia’s G20 Presidency: Manifestation of Indonesia's Foreign Policy Power


Oleh Sugiarti, Jumat, 15 April 2022 | 09:18 WIB - Redaktur: Sugiarti - 743

Jakarta, InfoPublik – G20 Summit will take place in Bali in November. As the host, Indonesia has prepared various efforts for the smooth implementation of the event, and hopes that the presence of all G20 members in its meeting series can generate concrete agreements for mutual progress.

Political observer of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, Adi Prayitno, said that it is not easy to host a multilateral international cooperation forum in the midst of conflict between Ukraine and Russia. He emphasized that Indonesia must side with humanity, not the interest of one country.

"The G20 is for the interest of countries in the world, not for the interest of one or two specific countries that are currently in a 'cold war' such as America and Russia," he said on Saturday night, April 9, 2022 in Jakarta.

He said, as chairman, Indonesia must be a good host, and ensure the event going well and as expected. On the other hand, Indonesia also needs to make intensive communication efforts to all countries, especially those involved in conflicts, to attend the summit.

“This is related to the relationship between countries in the world whose population reaches 60 percent. It is an important moment for countries in the world to talk about how to improve the quality of life together collectively in the future between countries so that there is no monopoly. Then there is also no inequality between northern and southern countries and to promote inclusiveness," he said.

According to Adi, the G20 Summit is important for all member countries to attend. Because the summit will discuss the sustainability of the livelihoods of many people in the world in the long term.

"This requires synergy. To create inclusiveness, it is very important to ensure that the G20 countries discuss about sustainable living in the long term. Any threat or boycott is a counterproductive action from the spirit of how to realize the development of global cooperation in the future," he said.

He also said that Indonesia needs extra efforts to convince all G20 member countries to attend because it involved the interest of many people. He emphasized that the G20 was formed for the common interest of the global citizens.

For Indonesia, this event must go on and can be enjoyed by the majority of member countries, that is the most important thing. The G20 is not in the interests of one or two countries. There are many other countries that also have interests, beyond the conflict between Russia and Ukraine," he said.

The threats of boycotts, according to him, is a step backwards by a country in the G20 forum. Because it can hinder the collaboration of G20 member countries.

“The majority of countries in the world are disturbed and feel aggrieved because it is a routine event. The G20 is a place where state elites cooperate," he said.

Adi said, there are other elegant way that can be done and not by taking steps to boycott. According to him, building relations between countries is much more important for the sustainability of human life on earth. "It should be a collaboration, not a boycott. America's protests against Russia can be expressed in other ways, not necessarily by boycotting the G20. It's actually counterproductive," he concluded.