Jakarta, InfoPublik- Hate speech, slander and hoax or fake news  usually occur at the time of political celebrations, such as regional head (Pilkada) and presidential election. 

"This is a difficult situation, but public must have  courage to report hate speech and hoaxes to the police. The report will become a complaint report. The Election Supervisory Committee must also be firm and give sanctions for those who used hate speech instead of programs as their campaign materials. Related to slander, people can also report it to the police, it is regulated in ITE  (Electronic Information and Transactions) law,” Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo stated in a written statement on Sunday (12/31).

According to the Minister, we can use the last Jakarta election as an example.

"The D-day went well but the campaign process affected the nation’s stability. We must avoid this situation. The election is aimed to choose a trustworthy figure to lead the region. Let's campaign with battles of concepts and programs," he said.

Furthermore he added that the success of the regional election or the presidential election is determined by participation of the people and the campaign process such as no money politic involved.

"All stakeholders must be resolute to monitor all  pair of candidates and their team. We must avoid hate speech, slander but instead use concepts and programs in the campaign,” he concluded. (Translator: Rina Alexandra)