The Caldera Toba Nomadic Escape to be the World-Class Tourist Destination


Oleh Siti Chodijah, Kamis, 4 April 2019 | 15:14 WIB - Redaktur: Siti Chodijah - 2K

Sibisa Tobasa, InfoPublik – Lake Toba’s status as a Super Priority Destination is increasingly emphasized with the presence of a world-class tourist destination called The Caldera Toba Nomadic Escape. This impressive destination is planned to be launched on April 4th.

According to the head of Nomadic Acceleration Team of Indonesian Tourism Ministry, Waizly Darwin, in his official statement received by InfoPublik on Sunday (31/3), the Caldera is a nomadic tourism amenity developed by Lake Toba Implementing Authority Agency. It is located at Lake Toba Tourism Zone Authority, Sibisa, Ajibata Subdistrict, Toba Samosir Regency.

The Caldera is planned to be equipped with amenities with details as follows: 15 Belt Tents, 2 Cabins, 2 Bubble Tents, 1 Ecopod, and parking area for Camper Van.

“It is a very complete destination. Other facilities to be found at The Caldera are Caldera Amphitheatre with a capacity of 250 people, Caldera Plaza, Caldera Stage, Caldera Hill, and 2 Toilets,” said Waizly Darwin.

He explained that the location of the Caldera is about 20 minutes from Parapat or 1 hour and 30 minutes from Balige. It is also located 2 hours away from Silangit Airport and 10 minutes away from Sibisa Airport. The main targets of this attraction are the nomads, millennials, and family. In addition to local tourists, it also targets foreign tourist from Malaysia, Singapore, and Europe.

“The Caldera has a breathtaking view. From there, one can see the beauty of Sigapiton Tourism Village located at a valley under The Caldera, situated between hills and Lake Toba and Samosir Island in the distance. The Caldera is expected to accommodate 50 tourists in its glamping facilities,” explained Waizly.

The Lake Toba Implementing Authority Agency (BPODT) has begun the construction of Toba Nomadic Escape at the authority zone since 2019, or after the Completion Certificate Submission of Phase I of right-to-manage (HPL) certificate for an area of 279 ha from 286.72 ha at Pardamean Sibisa Village, Ajibata Subdistrict, Toba Samosir Regency. The HPL was submitted on December 2018.

According to BPODT President Director, Arie Prasetyo, since then the sustainable physical construction was begun with the focus on 2 ha land. On the area, the Lake Toba Implementing Authority Agency have started the construction of Sibisa Integrated Resort under the direction of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Tourism Ministry. This area also serves as Lake Toba Tourism Destination Area. The area will be integrated with Toba Caldera Reserve, Sibisa Airport, and Sigapiton Tourism Village for sustainable tourism development.

BPODT has prepared 10 Bell Tents and 2 Cabin Units intended for the staying guests for the launch of Toba Nomadic Escape. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya is scheduled to open this digital destination on April 4th, 2019. This destination is built on an approximately 1.5 ha land and used Rp5 billion of the physical construction budget.

“We are in the finishing process with the completion target by the end of March. The project will be continued with commissioning test, logistics preparation for the launch, landscape finalization, lighting ambience, as well as artwork,” said BPODT President Director, Arie Prasetyo.

He explained that this Nomadic Tourism Site Plan is designed to have camping ground areas that can be enjoyed by tourists, such as Nomadic Bubble Tent, Nomadic Cabin, Nomadic Caravan park, and Nomadic Bell Tent. This area is facilitated with Helipad as a special access for VIP guess.

For its launch on April 4, the committee has prepared various attractions. It will be enlivened by Toba Coffee Show that features Lisa & Leo Organic Coffee, one of the global level Q Processors. In the last 10 years, Lisa & Leo Organic Coffee has exported high quality coffee from Simalungun to well-known coffee shops in the United States, Europe, and Australia, including the Blue Bottle Coffee.

It will also be enlivened by Toba Gastronomy Show that will showcase fine dining of a five-star hotel with the spectacular view of Sigapiton valley and Lake Toba.

Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya, gave his high praise for Caldera Toba Nomadic Escape.

“This destination will be an answer for our needs of a quality destination on Lake Toba. The nomadic concept is very suitable to be applied in Lake Toba and we must optimize its potential,” he said.


Reporter: Untung S

Translator: Wisnu Wardoyo