Seafood Lovers Millennials can boost fish consumption


Oleh Filmon Warouw, Selasa, 27 November 2018 | 14:58 WIB - Redaktur: Filmon Warouw - 1K

Jakarta, InfoPublik - Tourism Ministry’s secretary general Ukus Kuswara attended Seafood Lover Millennials Festival which was organized by Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry. It was a part of a series of events of People’s Party and Public Service Festival to celebrate the 47th Anniversary of Civil Servant Corps (Korpri) that took place on 24--29 November 2018.

"This is an important event because it promotes fish consumption to the youth. This is a brilliant idea because millennials market potential is so huge. It can promote fish culinary consumption," said Ukus Kuswara while attending the event at Senayan East Parking Area of Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta on Sunday (11/25).

According to Ukus, culinary will complement the tourism potentials in the midst of tourism boom that draws a huge number of foreign and domestic tourists. The development in culinary creativity will stimulate people’s economy that bring welfare,” he said.

He also underlined the pollution that affect marine tourism. “The pollution issue must be given extra attention. Encouraging recycle, reducing plastic industry, and increasing public awareness are needed. Plastic pollution will harm marine tourism,” he said.

According to Ukus, the negative effect of plastic pollution to marine tourism is huge that it can hurt the attraction spots. “Let’s concern on tourism and consider the environment. Tourism Ministry supports tourism destination management who give sanction to visitors who litter in the area,” he said.

Marine Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti delivered remarks and opened the event. In the occasion, Minister Susi demonstrated fish cooking accompanied by chef Rinrin Marinka and chef Chandra.

“We want Indonesian to eat more fish because the consumption rate is under Japan with 40 kilograms. This year, our target is 60 kilogram while Japan is above 80 kilograms,” she said.

She also urged the public to start reducing trash especially plastic for the sake of marine sustainability. “I urge to stop littering and using plastic. Indonesia is ranked as the second biggest trash producer in the world. Let’s start from ourselves Stop plastic bag and straw usage. Many fishes and turtles die because of our carelessness and negligence. Reduce plastic trash. The whale in Wakatobi died of trash. Plastic trash will decompose after 45 years,” she said.