Agriculture Ministry allocates Rp5.5 trillion to increase domestic fruit production


Oleh Baheramsyah, Senin, 14 Agustus 2017 | 18:16 WIB - Redaktur: Filmon Warouw - 2K

Jakarta, InfoPublik – Agriculture Ministry allocated Rp5.5 trillion to increase domestic fruit, horticulture, and staple food production as well as to improve farmers’ welfare.

"It is a president’s directive. We will distribute seeds and fertilizers in a total value of Rp5.5 trillion for one year starting from September," said Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman at local fruit promotion event during Jakarta’s car free day on Sunday (8/13).

Each region will receive seeds species based on its popular horticulture. "We will give any fruit seeds, all kinds of fruit if possible," he said.

According to Amran, local fruits have a great potential to become export commodities because four seasons countries are interested on mango, mangosteen, and pineapple. (Translator: Wilda Stiana)