20 Indonesian Students to Study Modern Animal Husbandry in Australia


Oleh Siti Chodijah, Kamis, 29 Agustus 2019 | 21:38 WIB - Redaktur: Siti Chodijah - 2K

Jakarta, InfoPublik – 20 Indonesian students from various universities in Indonesia are selected to participate in the NTCA Indonesia-Australia Pastoral Program (NIAPP) and will leave for Australia to learn about modern cattle breeding.

In the 10 weeks program which has been running since 2012, the Indonesian students will learn intensive grazing training, covering aspects of animal welfare and handling, as well as direct learning in the livestock industry that has been run in a modern way.

The Director General of Learning and Student Affairs Ismunandar considered that the overseas internship program in the management of modern cattle breeding needs to be supported to improve student professionalism. The program falls in line with the penta-helix principle, specifically the cooperation of tertiary institutions and various sectors to make significant social change.

"Hopefully, these students will be able to bring valuable experience in the future," said the Ismunandar, Friday (16/8) in Jakarta.

Chairman of the Indonesian Bachelor of Animal Husbandry Association (ISPI), Ir. Didiek Purwanto, expects this program to provide practical learning and give an impact on the livestock industry in the country.

Moreover, the interest of the young generation in the livestock sector is low.

"We also hope that in the future, they will have a good impact on the livestock industry in Indonesia. We are very pleased that 60% of the graduates of this program have been working in the livestock industry, 25% are still in college, 5% are working outside the livestock industry, and 10% are working and studying abroad," Didiek explained.

The program – which has been running since 2012 – is a collaboration between the Indonesian Bachelor of Animal Husbandry Association (ISPI), the Australia Northern Territory Cattlemens Association (NTCA), and a number of universities in Indonesia. This program is part of the collaboration and support of the Red Meat and Cattle Partnership initiated by the Australian government. To date, the NIAPP program has sent 89 Indonesian students to North Australia.


Reporter: G. Suranto

Translator: Wilda Stiana