Jakarta to hold computer-based national exams entirely this year


Oleh G. Suranto, Senin, 27 Februari 2017 | 17:27 WIB - Redaktur: Filmon Warouw - 2K

Jakarta, InfoPublik - Jakarta Education Agency is planning to hold the Computer-based National Examinations (UNBK) entirely this year, since last year, there were several schools still held the conventional one.

The Jakarta Education Agency head Sopan Adriyanto said his office has preprared the facilities and infrastructures to support the exams implementation this year. “The national exams in Jakarta will be 100 percent computer-based this year. All exams will be held using computers,” he said on Saturday (2/25)

He also stated that the UNBK will be implemented in Junior High School (SMP) and Senior High School (SMA) levels. He also ensured that all facilities from computers to internet are well prepared, so there will be no problem during the implementation.

"We have provided the computers and increased the internet connection capacity to support UNBK, and for schools that do not have computers can be subsidized from other schools. The main point is we will apply UNBK to all schools this year," he expressed.

He added that each school had gave trainings to students for UNBK implementation. They also held tryouts using computers to accustom the students with this system.

Meanwhile, the national exams in elementary school is still using Regional Standard School Examinations (USBD) system. "We are not applying the UNBK system in elementary school, but the USBD," he stated. (Translator: Rina Alexandra)