Education and Culture Ministry Guarantees the Implementation of UNBK in Disaster Areas


Oleh Astra Desita, Senin, 30 Januari 2017 | 10:41 WIB - Redaktur: Penni Patmawati Rusman - 2K

Jakarta, InfoPublik - Education and Culture Ministry ensured that the implementation of National Computer Based Exams (UNBK) for Junior, Senior, and Vocational high schools in the disaster affected areas, such as in Pidie Aceh and Bima West Nusa Tenggara will not be suspended.

It is based on previous years’ experience where the UN was implemented successfully despite inadequate infrastructure facilities. Last year, students in affected area could perform the national exams although experiencing shortage in facilities and infrastructure. For example, students in Yogyakarta had their exams held outside school building.

"The government will strive to ensure the success of national exam implementation," said Education and Culture Ministry’s Head of Educational Assessment Professor Nizam in a press conference held in Depok, West Java, on Thursday (26/1).

Nizam also ensured that the National Exam in disaster affected will follow the schedule since Bima and Aceh Education officeshave performed various preparations for the Junior, Senior, and Vocational high schools exams.

"We do not require national exam in disaster affected areas to be computers based due to accessibility factor," he concluded. (Translator: Siti Chodijah)