Jakarta, InfoPublik - Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama is targeting to apply computer-based national examinations for all junior high school in Jakarta in the upcoming 2017 and no more paper-pencil test system.

 "We are targeting that next year there will be no more paper-based exams system. All school must use the computer-based system,” Basuki said while reviewing the national exams (UN) in the Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs) 3 Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta, on Monday (5/9)

Jakarta education office head Sopan Adrianto added that this year, not all school in Jakarta are ready for the computer-based exams system .

However, he claimed that the number of school using computer-based system national exams is increasing. The number has increased 13 percents from previous year. "Last year, no school used the computer-based system. This year, there is a 13 percent increase,” he said.

Sopan also mentioned that one of the impeding factor in applying computer-based exam system is the lack of computer units in schools. Nevertheless, the jakarta education office has prepared solutions to make the system applicable in Jakarta by 2017.    

According to him, his agency will conduct several measures such as cooperating with a number of universities in Jakarta to lend their computer units. “There are three solutions to take into account, one of which is to cooperate with universities in Jakarta. Many universities offer to lend their computer units,” he explained. 

The second option is to subsidy computers in schools with computers. Within this scheme, when high schools that have computers have completed the organization of exams, they are to lend their computer units to junior high or elementary schools. Last option is to conduct procurement of computer units in every school in Jakarta.

The Jakarta education office head also added that by implementing this computer-based exams system, the national examination will be more simple and efficient.  With this system, his agency can reduce the number of labor deployed and avoid leakage of the test material. (Translator: Rina Alexandra)