F1 Powerboat Lake Toba 2023, Catalyst for Toba Tourism to World Level


Oleh Wilda Stiana, Selasa, 28 Maret 2023 | 14:25 WIB - Redaktur: Wilda Stiana - 613

Photo caption: Director General of Public Information and Communications of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Usman Kansong, at Balige, North Sumatra (Feb. 24)


Balige, February 24, 2023 – Indonesia Ministry of Communications and Informatics’ (MCI) Director General of Public Information and Communications Usman Kansong, confirmed that the Kopiko Grand Prix of Indonesia or F1 Powerboat Lake Toba 2023 serves as a catalyst that boosted local economy in the tourism sector in Lake Toba, North Sumatra and Indonesia.

By 2023, it is targeted that there will be around 1.3 million visits to Lake Toba, with a predicted cash flow of Rp300 billion.

“That is the immediate visible impact that will last up to a year, not including the indirect ones. Hence, we involved MSMEs actors in Balige. The event will be broadcasted to all corners of the world, promoting Toba and Indonesia along the way," said Usman in Balige City on Friday (Feb. 24).


On this occasion, Usman also introduced another potential of North Sumatra that can be promoted to the international level, namely Sidikalang Coffee.

The Sidikalang area of North Sumatra is known as the best robusta coffee-producing area. Grow on the Bukit Barisan, a combination of cool weather and fertile soil makes coffee produced in this area one of the best in the country.

“I often enjoy Sidikalang coffee. This coffee can become a mainstay for market, not only in the North Sumatra area but also beyond, and even a mainstay export commodity. Sidikalang Coffee always become one of coffee connoisseurs' favorite at Indonesian coffee festivals,," said Usman.

For this reason, Usman hopes the local government can have better management in developing and cultivating the commodity. The impact will not only elevate this coffee to a world-class commodity, but more importantly, it can bring prosperity to the community," he said.

As part of the efforts to promote this commodity, we can take advantage of the ongoing F1 Powerboat Lake Toba 2023 event. Brought to the venue by local committee, the coffee has been tasted by a number of racers.

"This effort should not stop at the event, but how will local governments take advantage of other international-level events to introduce their respective regional potential," said Usman.

"Promotional efforts shouldn’t stop even if we have good sales and everything. And this is each local government’s responsibility,“ he continued

Promotional efforts is further supported with the completion of several development projects in the Toba area, such as the management of Ulos Huta Raja and Huta Siallagan Villages in Samosir Regency, development of Sidikalang Landfill Site in Dairi Regency and Parapat Waste Water Treatment Plant in Simalungun Regency, and toilet construction in Lake Toba.

Usman said that hosting the F1 Powerboat Lake Toba 2023 would be an excellent opportunity for North Sumatra to improve the image and magnificence of Lake Toba tourism as a Super Priority Destination internationally.

"Hopefully, international events such as the F1 Powerboat Lake Toba 2023 will become a moment of economic recovery through the tourism sector in the area around Lake Toba," said Usman.

English editor: Penni Patmawati Rusman