Jakarta, InfoPublik – Research, Technology, and Higher Education Minister Mohamad Natsir conducted working visit to Kudus, Central Java. One of the locations he visited was Pura Group’s PT. Pura Barutama. It houses industrial groups which utilize high technologies in the production process. Its founder, Jacobus Busono, was awarded the Honorable Main Engineer of 2015 in Mineral Technology category from the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT).

One of the Group’s outstanding innovation is holographic products. It sets Pura Group as one of the best holographers in the world. Thus, the company was awarded the Holography Awards from International Hologram Manufactures Association (IHMA).

In the occasion, Minister Natsir had the chance to see various Pura Group’s products, such as, smart technology, total security system, paper mill, offset printing, packaging, printing ink, and plastic conversion.

He appreciated the Group’s innovative products. "Pura’s technology development is remarkable. I hope the people of Indonesia can use the technologies developed by the nation’s children. If Indonesians have such exceptional ability, we do not need to import foreign products,” said Natsir in his statement received on Saturday (6/2) after his visit at the Head Office of Pura Group in Kudus, Central Java. 

He also expected that this visit could bridge the industry with other government institutions so they would use the products.

Nasir intended to propose holographic products to be included into the National Public Procurement Agency’s (LKPP) procedures of procurement of goods and services so the Peruri, Indonesia’s money printing company, can become the main user of innovative products from Pura. "If it can be included in e-catalogue, then the overseas procurement and bidding process are no longer required to make," he concluded. (Translator: Erik Limantara)