Jakarta, InfoPublik - In the second week of Ramadan (fasting month), household consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) showed an increase of about five percent from the average consumption.

Pertamina, state-owned oil and gas company,  had anticipated the situation by increasing supply since the beginning of Ramadan.

LPG consumption was predicted to increase from an average of 23,124 metric tons to 24,113 metric tons per day during Ramadan and Eid.

"The peak demand for LPG will occur on the days prior Eid, up to 17 percent from an average of 23,124 metric tons to 27,000 metric tons per day," Pertamina’s vice president of corporate communications Adiatma Sardjito said in his statement in Jakarta on Friday (5/25).

He had increased the stock of LPG in every depot to anticipate the soaring LPG consumption. Currently, LPG stocks had reached 363,042 metric tons nationally, enough to meet the demand for 17.6 days. The stock is above the national stock standard of 11 days.

For the distribution, the company had prepared 3,094 LPG public service obligation (PSO) and non-PSO agents as well as 31,612 LPG PSO bases across Indonesia.

"Pertamina will also prepare 49 LPG Bulk Refuelling and Transportation Stations [SPPBE] in Java to ensure the supply during the homecoming flow period," he said.

In addition, it also opened the national complaint center at 1 500 000 as well as complaint post in every marketing operation region (MOR). "Consumer can submit complaints regarding LPG availability in their areas, including violations conducted by agents and gas stations," he concluded. (Translator: Rina Alexandra)