Jakarta, InfoPublik – National Library of Indonesia head Muhammad Syarif Bando said the Library implemented social inclusion service in addition to literacy development. The service uses local wisdom approach to encourage people to innovate and create jobs.

“A social inclusion-based library is an approach using local wisdom to encourage the people to create business using knowledge and local resources," said Syarif to InfoPublik in Jakarta on Tuesday (2/20) after a press conference ahead of National Seminar on Literacy and Socio-Economic Development.

He explained that the social inclusion-based library bring out applied sciences and lifestyle books that contain success stories to inspire the public.

"We will play testimonial video about migrant workers, transmigrants,  and beggars who now have permanent jobs from knowledge that they gained from applied sciences," he said.

He gave an example about a transmigrant in Bali who became an illegal mining worker. The person then got an accident and suffered fracture. He could only can lie down for 5 years and  became a beggar in the market for 3 years. However, he is now making handicrafts. In Sragen regency, there was a young man who read an applied sciences book in the library on how to grow a red ginger. He now has employees to produce good quality red ginger for export.

"I am a librarian and my education is political science and economics. But, I farm catfish, carp, and tilapia at my home. I can give them for free because I can produce hundreds of thousands of fish seeds per 6 months. Thanks to reading applied sciences books," he explained. (Translator: Wilda Stiana)