Jakarta, InfoPublik - The General Elections Commission (KPU) uses three indicators for political parties factual verification.

"Membership of the party, office location, and 30 percent women’s representation in the party become the reference of verification," said KPU Commissioner Wahyu Setiawan, in his written statement on Monday (29/1). 
According to Wahyu, a number of political parties could not pass the factual verification yet, namely National Mandate Party  (PAN) and  Crescent Star Party  (PBB).

"PAN has not fulfilled two of the three requirement, that is central board membership and women’s representation in the board," he said.

He revealed, a number of political parties were verified on Monday (29/1) namely Golkar, PKB, PDIP, PKS, PPP, Gerindra, and PKPI.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Indonesian Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) Abhan asserted that the potential issues for factual verification lies in the regency/municipality level.

"At the regency or municipality level, we will verify factual political parties’ membership, which therefore needs serious attention," he added. (Translator: Siti Chodijah)