Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’s national monitoring team, Monday (1/), reported that we have safe supply of fuel and electricity for the beginning of 2018.

Although the total consumption during 2017 amounted to 105,932 MT, the supply is still identified as safe. In general, the supply can fulfill the national needs of Premium fuel up to 30.2 days, Solar/Akrasol for 18.7 days, Pertalite for 21.1 days, Kerosene for 50.9 days, Pertamax/Akra92 for 19.2 days, Pertamax Turbo for 27.38 day, Pertamina Dex for 25.45 days, Dexlite for 18.61 days, LPG for 17 days and Avtur for 27 days.

While in the electricity sector, the peak load was on 30 December 2017 night. Overall, the national supply capacity of 33,880.48 MW with a peak loads of 30,105.64 MW so that the national reserve capacity is 3,816.43 MW. (Translator: Wilda Stiana)