Jakarta, InfoPublik – Agriculture Ministry’s Food Security Agency (BKP) Head Agung Hendriadi stated that the southern region of West Java such as Tasikmalaya Regency has high potential of rice harvest although supported by non-technical irrigation. The expectation is due to the estimation of harvesting area that will reach 39,200 hectares with no less than 6.9 tons/Ha production of harvested dry rice grains (GKP).

Agung said the 25 hectare harvest area potential are used to plant the commonly used varieties, namely Ciherang and Mekongga with productivity of about 7.1 tons/ha GKP.

"We witnessed this together, rice stock is abundant throughout South West Java because the harvest takes place throughout the year," Agung said in a written statement received in Jakarta on Monday (1/8).

Head of Cikole Farmer Group inLinggasirna Village Oman Abdurrahman approved the statement, given the fact that Sariwangi Sub-district has not experienced famine in the previous years.

"The harvest will continue until the end of January 2018 on an area of 250 hectares," said Oman.

Meanwhile, Ciamis Bulog Regional division head of sub division Zulais also admitted that the stock is safe so there is no reason to be concerned. According to him, Ciamis Bulog Sub regional division warehouse is stocked with 9,200 tons of rice.

In addition to Linggasirna Village, Sariwangi District, abundant rice harvest is also expected to occurrin Kopo Village, Kutawaringin District, Bandung Regency at its 209 hectares area.

Head of the Joint Farmers Group Lestari Dadan said that ‘great harvest’ is not common in the area. It is because every day is a harvest day with a crop index of 2.5 and productivity of no less than 6.5 to 7 tons/hectare. Commonly used varieties are Ciherang and Inpari 30. (Translator: Wilda Stiana)