Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesia’s electricity and fuel is adequate and under control during 2017 Christmas long holiday.

Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM) reported on Tuesday (12/26) that the distribution of fuel and LPG during this year's Christmas holiday ran normally, considering the fuel and LPG resillience reported by its National Coordinator for Energy and Mineral Resources (12/25).

The resilience for each type of fuel is: Premium (26.9 days), Solar/Akrasol (16.79 days), Pertalite (21.8 days), Kerosene (47.79 days), Pertamax/Akra92 (19.46 days), Pertamax Turbo (26.9 days), Pertamina Dex (30.4 days), Dexlite (17.6 days), LPG (19.51 days) and Avtur (28.3 days).

In anticipation of the high flow of homecoming traffic (mudik)  on the long holiday of Christmas and New Year, Pertamina and AKR have also prepared fuel posts at 4 points, namely gas station 54.67312 Lumajang; KiosK Pertamax, Jalan Daendels Purworejo; Jl Raya Semarang-Kendal, Kec. Mangkang; and gas station 54.68130 Jember.

The travelers can also take advantage of Kiosk Pertamax/AKR 92 located at Rest Area KM 252 (Pejagan-Pemalang High Way), Teluk Mengkudu High Way (Medan), Cikopo Police Station, Krian Rest Area KM 726 Line B, Kedung Mlati High Way (Jombang- Kertosono), and Kiosk Jalan Daendels Purworejo. Pertamax Motor has also been prepared at least at the following 4 locations: Jalan Raya Dampyak Tegal, Jalan Lapangan Merdeka Pekalongan, Bakauheni Harbor, and Jalan Kaligangsa Tegal.

For electricity, the National capacity is recorded at 33,706.45 MW and a peak load is at 27,815.92 MW, and the national power reserve capacity is at 5,890.53 MW. Until the Christmas day, two volcanoes were still at Alert Level 4, namely Mount Agung in Bali (within the radius of 10 km) and Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra. In the mean time, 18 (eighteen) other volcanoes were still at Alert Level 2. (Translator: Erik Limantara)