InfoPublik – Indonesia should be proud to host the World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) held in Nusa Dua, Bali on 6 -7 September 2017.

At the initiative of the House of Representatives, the event titled "Achieving the 2030 Agenda through Inclusive Development" became the first forum to discuss Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs) at the world level. In her speech, the Inter-parliamentary Cooperation Board (BKSAP) Chairman Nurhayati Ali Assegaf said that this forum is important to the 2030 agenda achievement. 

"As part of the parliament, our role is crucial to the realization of the Sustainable Development Objectives. Parliament through its legislative function can provide support in the form of regulations relating to the SDGs," said Nurhayati when welcoming the delegates in a Gala Dinner with outdoor concept, Tuesday night (9/5). 

While from the budget function, continued Nurhayati, Parliament plays a role in budgeting and ensuring the implementation of SDGs. It is further expected that this forum can serve as a forum for Members of Parliament to share best practices and experiences in the implementation of Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs) in order to achieve the goals by 2030 without leave no one behind. 

"A series of bilateral discussions and inter-parliamentary forums (European Union and AIPA) will be held, so I hope all delegates are open to convey their ideas in each session so that this forum can produce output and strengthen the relationship between Parliaments to SDGs," she concluded while allowing the delegation tasting a typical Indonesian dinner. This forum is attended by 47 countries. Several international institutions are also present, including UNEP, Women Parliament Leader, UN-SDSN, GOPAC, European Union and AIPA. (Translator: Wilda Stiana)