InfoPublik –The People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) speaker, Zulkifli Hasan, urged people to unite in supporting the government to seek conflict resolution over Rohingyas tragedy.

"We should support the government over Rohingyas tragedy. It's not about religion, but it's a crime against humanity," said Zulkifli at Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (9/9). He also strongly condemned the tragedy. The government is currently trying to stop the tragedy. Therefore, the government needs to be supported in inviting ASEAN and the United Nations to stop the problem.

"We should support the government to invite ASEAN, the UN, and other countries to unite in stopping and helping the Rohingya people," he said. When asked about the alleged politicization of the Rohingyas in Indonesia, he requested the press to stop asking such question. The General Chairman of PAN requested that we should be stand behind the government to support the settlement of the matter. "Please, if you want to pray and speak louder, it’s your rights. But still, we should be standing behind the government," he said (Translator: Wilda Stiana)