Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesia is committed to reduce Measles and Rubella (MR) attack rate to 95 percent by 2020.

Therefore, Indonesian Health Ministry and Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is holding MR Vaccination Campaign this August and September in all provinces in Java (6 provinces and 119 districts for phase 1).

The campaign targets the 36,776,100 children aged 9 months old to less than 15 years old or 55 percent of Indonesian population, as quoted by PMI in Jakarta on Monday (7/31).

The MR Campaign will be divided into 2 phases: Phase 1 on August, vaccine administration for students of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) schools, Kindergarten, Elementary Schools (SD)/Madrasa Ibtidaiyah (MI)/other equivalent education institutions, Primary School for Special Needs Children (SDLB), Junior High Schools (SMP)/Madrasa Tsanawiyah (MTs)/other equivalent education institutions,  and Junior School for Special Needs Children.

Phase 2 of the vaccination campaigne will comence on September, vaccine will be administered at immunization service posts such as integrated service post (Posyandu), village birth clinics (Polindes), subdistrict health posts  (Poskesdes), community health center  (Puskesmas), community health branch centers  (Puskesmas Pembantu), hospitals, and other health service facilities.

In this MR Campaign, PMI aims to assist the government in achieving the target of 95 percent of children aged 9 m/o to under 15 y/o to be vaccinated, disseminating information on MR vaccines awareness, and disseminating information on MR vaccines schedules.

PMI will also involve volenteers to conduct educational dissemination about Measles and Rubella diseases and also MR vaccines to parents/caregivers through house to house visits.

In addition, members of the Youth Red Cross (PMR) are also involved in this campaign, primarily to provide peer-to-peer dissemination in schools.

PMI is also facilitating street children to have free MR vaccinnation during this August-September. (Translator: Wilda Stiana)