Jakarta, InfoPublik - Youth and Sport Affairs Minister Imam Nahrawi believed the Asian Games 2018 budget of Rp4.5 trillion will be met.

Minister Nahrawi said of the total budget of Rp4.5 trillion, Rp1.8 trillion will come from State Budget 2017; Rp1.7 trillion from State Budget 2018; and the remaining from the sponsors.

"We have disbursed Rp500 billion in 2017 fiscal year. There are no problems in disbursing the budget as long as everyone follows the regulations," he told reporters after a limited meeting at the Presidential Office in Jakarta on Wednesday (6/7).

He also appreciated the Joint Secretariat effort in speeding up the administrative process. The secretariat is consisted of Finance and Development Monitoring Agency (BPKP), Finance Ministry, Youth and Sports Affairs Ministry, and INASGOC.

Minister Nahrawi believes the sponsors can optimally support the Asian Games 2018. "Everything needs a process, so we will strengthen the BLU [Public Service Agency] in managing sponsorship funds according to the regulations," he said.

“State Owned Enterprises Minister Rini Soemarno is enthusiastic and will do the follow-up to all SOEs. I have not got any update from INASGOC [about sponsorship] but seeing these [meeting participants’] enthusiasm makes me optimistic."

President Jokowi, he added, instructed all the budget should be managed optimally. It included the allocation for INASGOC’s budget shortage. (Translator: Filmon Warouw)