Jakarta, InfoPublik - A total of 4,126 Indonesian students from elementary school (SD), junior high school (SMP), high/vocational and pre-professional high school (SMA/SMK), and Special Education and Services (PKLK) throughout Indonesia are ready to participate in the National Student Sports Olympiad (O2SN) organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud). This year, the event taking place on July 24 to 30, 2016 in Jakarta represents the theme “Sportive Generation, Productive Nation”.

“Convened under this year’s theme, O2SN is expected to become a forum for coaching every participating student to achieve a healthy, honest and wise attitude," said Education and Culture Minister Anies Baswedan when opening O2SN in the Jakarta Fair (PRJ Kemayoran) Jakarta, Monday (7/25).

According to Anies, O2SN is a forum for students to channel their potential and creativity. The event could also form good characterand generating a productive nation as well as creating a healthy, intelligent, and noble hindividual.

"O2SN is an event to perform sportsmanship and achievement as participating students are winners representing their respective regions. Besides showing that we have a new generation of Indonesia to be proud of," he said.

O2SN participants consist of 714 primary school students; 1,156 junior high school students; 816 high school students; 1,032 vocational school students; and 408 PKLK students. They are accompanied by 1,088 attendants and 340 coaches. The sports contested are chess, athletics, badminton, table tennis, karate, pencak silat, swimming, volleyball, bocce and seat racing.

The first, second, and third winners will be awarded money and medals. In addition, there is also a trophy that will be awarded to the overall winner. Meanwhile, the participation certificates will be awarded to all participants, judges, and a companions of the event.

Anies expected that sports could be used to facilitate character building, because education is not only to make students smart, but also have good character and manner.

In addition to competing for the achievements, he said, the students should take advantage of the event to interact between O2SN participants who come from various ethnic groups, religions, and races, which then continue on the bond of friendship and brotherhood and respect the differences as an effort to achieve a unity of Indonesia.

By the implementation of O2SN, it is expected that the unity and integrity of the nation can be strengthened. It is also expected to create fit, sportive, competitive, and cooperative students who aoreciate achievements of others.

Furthermore, the event is expected to create a healthy competitive atmosphere between the students, schools, and regions in the field of sports. In addition to realize the development of students’ talent and creativity in the field sport optimally, the love of traditional values which are rooted in the national culture, as well as the students’ tolerance, competitiveness and sportsmanship. (Translator: Erik Limantara)