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  • Preventing Measles and Rubella, Vaccinations Starts Tomorrow

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesia is committed to reduce Measles and Rubella (MR) attack rate to 95 percent by 2020.
  • Earthquake rattles Sukabumi, no tsunami threat

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Earthquake that rattled the south of West Java was centered at 179 kilometers of Sukabumi city on Monday (6/12) at 06:15 am local time.
  • Jakarta government prepares five extra terminals for mudik

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub DKI) has prepared five extra terminals to serve passengers for mudik—Eid homecoming tradition. Meanwhile, three main terminals will serve the passengers from D-10 to D+14 for back
  • Jakarta Social Agency holds fake giveaways prevention forum

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Jakarta Social Agency held dissemination forum on giveaways regulations to the companies and business entities.
  • DPR, Govt to discuss climate change effects on agriculture zone

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – The House of Representatives (DPR) Commission IV and the government discussed climate change negative effects mitigation in agriculture zone.
  • Jakarta prepares Governor Decree on KWK and Transjakarta integration

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Jakarta city secretary Saefullah stated that the trial of 10 Koperasi Wahana Kalpika (KWK) public minivan routes which will be integrated with Transjakarta is meant to accommodate the interests of KWK drivers, Organization of
  • Govt to Eradicate Illegal Levies at Schools

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – The Indonesian Education Monitoring Network (JPPI) demanded local governments to give severe sanction to perpretators of illegal levies at schools following the mushrooming cases of levies which has been becoming concern of m
  • PUPR Continues Building Road Drainage to Prevent Flood

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) continue to build drainage on national roads to prevent flood during rainy season.
  • JKN-KIS Covers Cervical Cancer Early Detection

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Early detection of cervical cancer is now included in financing scheme by JKN-KIS, so that people do not need to pay for a screening test.
  • Jakarta Government to repair 47 sidewalks

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Jakarta Government’s Spatial Planning and Development Office planned to repair 47 sidewalks in all sub-districts in 2017 with a total budget of Rp400 billion.