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  • Rohingyas Crisis is a Tragedy of Humanity: Setara Institute

    InfoPublik – Setara Institute considers Rohingyas crisis as a tragedy of humanity which ethically and politically demands humanity intervention from the world.
  • Legislation planning should not be based on time target, DPR Speaker says

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR) Setya Novanto stated that the number of approved laws in the national legislation program (Prolegnas) could not be seen as a performance indicator.
  • Legislation Council to organize workshop to finish Prolegnas bills

    InfoPublik – The Legislation Council of the House of Representatives (Baleg DPR) will organize a legislative workshop to finish National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) bills which have not been discussed by the House.
  • House Passes Regulation on AEoI

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated that the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) on Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) have been passed by the House of Representatives of The Republic of Indonesia (D
  • TNI receives Rp5 Trillion to strengthen outer islands defense

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) received Rp5.4 Trillion of Revised State Budget 2017. The budget will be spent to improve infrastructures at border areas and outer islands, primary weapons defense system, and terrorism
  • Home Ministry accelerates Integrated Population Document Service implementation

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Home Ministry's director general for population and civil registration, Zudan Arif Fakrulloh, said that his office had accelerated the implementation of integrated population document service throughout Indonesia.
  • MCIT demands ISPs to filter DNS containing radicalism

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Communications and Information Technology Ministry (MCIT) requested Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to conduct termination of access or filtering to Telegram's 11 Domain Name Systems (DNS) containing radicalism.
  • Persecution is not the Word: DPR

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - House of Representatives (DPR RI) Deputy Speaker Taufik Kurniawan considered that the term ‘intimidation’ was more appropriate than “persecution” which was used in the case of a teenager with initials
  • Law needed to develop music industry

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – The House of Representatives’ Legislation Body (Baleg DPR) received ‘We Are Indonesian Music’ (KMI) association to discuss national music industry management.
  • Home Minister Appeals Local Govts to Accelerate Development

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Home Minister Thahjo Kumolo appealed the local governments to accelerate the local development and people’s prosperity.