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  • Indonesia is Ready for Disruptive Economy Era

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Menristekdikti) Mohamad Nasir encouraged Indonesian economy to be better and to be ready to enter Disruptive era.
  • Beginning 2018, Fuel and Electricity Supply Normal

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’s national monitoring team, Monday (1/), reported that we have safe supply of fuel and electricity for the beginning of 2018.
  • Southern West Java has High Rice Production Potential

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Agriculture Ministry’s Food Security Agency (BKP) Head Agung Hendriadi stated that the southern region of West Java such as Tasikmalaya Regency has high potential of rice harvest although supported by non-technical ir
  • Voyage to Indonesia: Technology develops economic potential

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Finance Ministry’s Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF) organized Voyage to Indonesia's International Seminar in Yogyakarta as a part of a series of events to precede the IMF-World Bank Group Annual Meetings 2018 in Octobe
  • Jakarta Airport Skytrain Operates 20 Hours a Day

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Angkasa Pura (AP) II president director Muhammad Awaluddin said AP has increased the operation time of the KALAYANG (skytrain) or the Soekarno-Hatta Airport skytrain to 20 hours a day. This is as part of efforts to ease passe
  • Inflation in December 2017 at 0.71 Percent

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) released the December 2017 consumer price index with inflation of 0.71 percent. Inflation occured at all of 82 Consumer Price Index (CPI) cities, with the highest in Jayapura at 2.28 percent
  • Agriculture Ministry to Focus on Self-Sufficiency in Four Commodities in 2018

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman said that Indonesia has achieved self-sufficiency in four main food commodities namely rice, shallot, corn and chili pepper last year. Meanwhile this year, the ministry will focus on four othe
  • Fuel and Electricity Supply Safe at 2017 Christmas Celebration

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesia’s electricity and fuel is adequate and under control during 2017 Christmas long holiday.
  • Makassar BKIPM Secures the State from Rp 8.4 Billion Losses

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry’s National Fish Quarantine, Quality Control and Fishery Products Safety Agency (BKIPM) stated that during 2017, Makassar BKIPM has processsed 399 cases of export violations and illegal fi
  • Finance Ministry to avoid State Budget 2018 revision

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Finance Ministry’s Fiscal Policy Agency head Suahasil Nazara said that his office would avoid revision on the State Budget 2018 which had been approved by the House of Representatives (DPR).