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  • Indonesia’s Foreign Exchange Reserves Reached US$ 107.5 Billion at End of March 2016

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Bank Indonesia’s Department of Communications Executive Director Tirta Segara stated Indonesia's foreign-exchange reserves on March 2016 is recorded at 107.5 billion US dollars, or higher than the final position in Febru
  • Fuel Price Cut Brings Fresh Air For IKM

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Economic Observer Didik J. Rachbini assessed that the fuel price cut brings fresh air for Small and Medium Industries (IKM) in developing their businesses.
  • Transportation Apps Reduces Jakarta Congestion

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – The development of information technology, such as the use of online applications, has become one of the effective efforts to untie congestion in every street of the capital.
  • Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry Encourages Local And Foreign Investors to Develop Fisheries Sector

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - In order to stimulate business in marine and fisheries sector, Indonesia Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry (KKP) made an attempt to encourage business people in the sector, both local and foreign, to collaborate with government.
  • Cooperatives and SMEs Ministry to Develop E-commerce Roadmap

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesia Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has established cooperation with Emporia Digital and in the development of digital market basic to form e-commerce roadmap.
  • DPR Urges Public to Support Economic Census 2016

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – The Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) expected public to support the Economic Census conducted from 1 to 31 May 2016, by providing accurate information to census officer.
  • Jokowi: My Full Support for Tax Officers

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - President Joko Widodo expressed his support to the entire tax officers in handling all the tax cheats.
  • House Supports Government to Boost Tax Revenue

    Jakarta, InfoPublik- Indonesian House of Representative (DPR) supports the government's efforts to increase tax revenue, starting from the Law on Tax Amnesty proposal, human resources improvement, to information technology optimization.
  • IKM Improves National Economic Growth

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Small and medium industries (IKM) plays a strategic role in improving national economic growth.
  • Cooperatives and SMEs Ministry Holds Youth Internship Program

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesia Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has organized internship program for 300 young entrepreneurs in Bali. A total of 100 participants came respectively from Bangli, Denpasar and Klungku