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  • Government to Issue Regulation on Mineral Export Duty

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Government of Republic of Indonesia c.q. Ministry of Finance is set to issue a new regulation on concentrate export duty based on physical progress of the development of processing and refinery plant or smelter this week.
  • OJK Supports Financing on Agricultural Sector From Upstream to Downstream

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - the Financial Services Authority (OJK) is committed to encourage funding in agricultural sector, not only in upstream but also in downstream sectors, in order to create job opportunities, improve the welfare of farmers and increase a
  • World Bank Acknowledges Indonesia’s Economic Resilience

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – The World Bank stated that Indonesia’s economy has managed to overcome the global financial turmoil and is in good position to address future challenges on economic growth.
  • Indonesia, Malaysia Encourage Processed Palm Oil Industry Development

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Industry Minister Airlangga Hartanto said that the governments of Indonesia and Malaysia are committed to encourage the development of processed palm oil industry which is able to increase the product’s added value and eco-fr
  • Halal Industry Financial Management to Use Sharia Bank Service

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – the Indonesian Sharia Banks Association (Asbisindo) Secretary General Achmad K. Permana stated that halal industries should use sharia bank service in their financial management berfore securing their halal certificates.
  • Industry Minister Urges Industry to Support Germas

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Industry Minister Airlangga Hartanto urges the industry to support the government program of People Healthy Life Movement, also known as Germas, in order to develop the Indonesian people’s quality of life which is healthy and
  • Germany to Strengthen Cooperation on Industrial Investment

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesian Industry Minister Airlangga Hartanto said Germany would enhance its strategic partnership with Indonesia, especially in the field of industrial investment and vocational education.
  • Govt to Pay Attention to Local Food Sources to Guard Food Sovereignty

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – The Government should pay attention to the existence of the diverse local food products. Local food products could be used to keep the national food sovereignty.
  • Indonesian Government Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on Flights

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesian Transportation Ministry’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation officially bans passengers to carry Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices to the aircraft.
  • September 2016 Exports Decreased by 1.84 Percent

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded export value of September 2016 at 12.51 billion US dollars or decreased by 1.84 percent compared to August 2015 which reached 12.74 billion US dollars.