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  • Industry Minister Urges Industry to Support Germas

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Industry Minister Airlangga Hartanto urges the industry to support the government program of People Healthy Life Movement, also known as Germas, in order to develop the Indonesian people’s quality of life which is healthy and
  • Germany to Strengthen Cooperation on Industrial Investment

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesian Industry Minister Airlangga Hartanto said Germany would enhance its strategic partnership with Indonesia, especially in the field of industrial investment and vocational education.
  • Govt to Pay Attention to Local Food Sources to Guard Food Sovereignty

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – The Government should pay attention to the existence of the diverse local food products. Local food products could be used to keep the national food sovereignty.
  • Indonesian Government Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on Flights

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesian Transportation Ministry’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation officially bans passengers to carry Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices to the aircraft.
  • September 2016 Exports Decreased by 1.84 Percent

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded export value of September 2016 at 12.51 billion US dollars or decreased by 1.84 percent compared to August 2015 which reached 12.74 billion US dollars.
  • MSMEs play important role in Indonesian economy

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a vital role in Indonesia’s economy. Based on the Indonesia’s Central Statistics Bureau (BPS) in 2014, there were 57.89 million of MSMEs or 99.99% of the total nationa
  • MCIT applies Indonesia-centric development

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – Communication and Information Technology Minister Rudiantara said that the government’s development orientation has changed and his office has also applied Indonesia-centric development orientation. “We must c
  • September 2016 Inflation is Under Control

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – In line with Bank Indonesia’s prediction, Consumer Price Index (IHK) on September 2016 recorded an inflation at 0.22% (mtm). This was relatively under control and in accordance with the historical pattern.
  • CPO Export Levies will Reach IDR 16T in 2016

    Jakarta, InfoPublik – The Indonesian Oil Palm Estate Fund Agency (BPDP) has estimated that the Crude palm oil (CPO) export levies or CPO Supporting Funds (CSF) will reach Rp16 trillion by the end of this year.
  • Indonesian Warteg to Go International

    Jakarta, InfoPublik - Cooperatives and Small & Medium Enterprises Minister Puspayoga said his office plans to bring Warteg (acronym for warung Tegal, low-cost food stall run by people from Tegal regency, Central Java) to go international. He urged war